The Struggles

So here’s a story about how I was once again humiliated by The Machine. I went and bought a nifty new keyboard

Keychron k6 hot swappable compact 65 percent wireless mechanical keyboard for mac windows ios lk optical switch brown with type c rgb white backlight 1800x1800

and everything was good, until I plugged my Ubuntu laptop into my KVM switch (which allows sharing a keyboard+mouse+monitors with my windows PC, and saves time futzing with cables.)

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Since this Keychron K6 shares the F1-F12 function key row with the number row, you can toggle the function keys (or media controls for volume, brightness, tiling etc.) via the fn1 and fn2 buttons. This works fine on the pc of course, but not the laptop. I thought it might be the switch doing something weird and tried a macbook but nah, its just linux baby. Luckily through the suffering of others a solution was discovered and it involves a driver tweak. Once again linux shows itself to be both a blessing and a curse; broken out of the box but still fixable if you care enough.

But the story does not end here. I also bought a sweet 65" LG OLED TV. My first tv ever, as a gift to myself.

Fee 786 587 png

What actually triggered the reorganization of my home network setup though, was declining both of my credit cards and sending me into a fit of indignant rage. You think I can’t host a seedbox at home?? Hold my drink.

I then went ahead and killed the Funkwhale service (rip) and also the knowledgebase (rip, I don’t feel comfortable proxying my admittedly worthless data through I also switched from Notion to Obsidian for the same reason, and now everything is living happily together in self-hosted land. Navidrome looks really neat, and is next up for investigation as a music streaming service.

For now, the raspberry pi is just running Plex + Transmission + nginx, but things are picking up soon. I snagged a nifty Fritz!Box router to replace the trash that Pyür hands outFritzbox 6660 cable left de 640x400

So what’s the takeaway here? Technology is cool I guess, but also was a huge mistake. Life is all about trade-offs.