Bye gmail

Although it’s been a long time coming, I finally started the process of de-googling. The crux of it is: storing personal data in North America is a bad idea. Pretty simple really. Also, there is always the possibility of them revoking access to your accounts for whatever reason and providing no support, which is far less likely to happen with a provider you pay for.

What this looks like for me personally is

  1. Move my gcloud storage backups of devices, pictures, docs etc onto my home NAS instead of, you know, the cloud. Download everything from google drive/docs/sheets/pics.
  2. Setup forwarding and export emails, calendar, contacts to Download old emails via thunderbird and re-upload to
  3. The tedious part: login to all services that are registered under gmail addresses and change them to a relevant alias of the main account. Among the neat features that caught my eye is the ability to have a catch-all custom domain. This means that anything directed to [email protected] will still hit my inbox.
  4. After a week or two after forwarding was setup visit and then delete all google apps.

The next move is to migrate from iCloud as well.