My Gitbook knowledgebase

My thirst for knowledge is at an all-time high, and coupled with the catnip of personal productivity and organization, has led me to finally compile a (public) knowledge base. Previously I tried out the Zettelkasten system but sort of couldn’t get it to stick. Or rather, I failed to form a habit of building it out. Also, simply having all the markdown files in a repo didn’t really inspire me to re-read or re-visit them in order to solidify learning. With tools like Notion, the ability to structure and change the layout of a page is really cool, but ultimately just got in the way of writing and served as a distraction. Hijacking the / character also just added more friction.

I decided to give Gitbook a shot, so you can now peep my notes over at

Ultimately, what I am after is a stronger motivation to write more. Emptying my mind and consolidating+solidifying knowledge about various concepts is also a nice bonus. Finally, sharing useful information and learning also feels pretty good.