End of 2018

It turns out habitual blogging is difficult, but persistence is it’s own reward. Time to reflect on 2018 and then think about where to steer the ship, or pull the elephant if you prefer animal metaphors.

Career stuff

I opted to continue client work after getting the opportunity to build/manage the cloud infrastructure and development processes for a couple of companies. It leveled up large chunks of my knowledge, and allowed me to learn tons about DNS, network configuration, security, secrets management and a myriad of other sysadmin related things. In addition to the usual troubleshoot this and fix that of regular software development.

My previous career goal set around this time last year was to gain dev-ops and sysadmin experience in order to transition into more security oriented work and projects.

Back to security study

How me, a programmer, learn security?? Turns out I’m not the only one to have this idea. Here’s another classic. To that end, I’ve resumed self-study and practice according to a vague curriculum I’m putting together. More on that in another blog post.

Personal stuff

This year I managed to:

  • Nurture closer relationships with people I care about, respect and admire.
  • Move to Berlin. Living elsewhere is incredibly refreshing.
  • Live minimalist. I reconsidered what stuff I actually need. But also, which luxuries brings me joy? A good soundsystem + music, easy access to a gym, and a nice kitchen for example. Regardless of where in the world I am, if there is a place to lift heavy things nearby that’s already a huge quality of life improvement.
  • Work out a lot, and start Muay Thai and BJJ training.
  • Re-learn german. Going forward hoffentlich mehr auf Deutsch.