Several habits of a highly successful Roumen

Self improvement and productivity are aspects of my life I put a lot of thought into, but unfortunately not much effort. Habits are the investments and tools that should allow me to reach a multitude of personal goals and become a stronger, smarter, more patient and compassionate human being.

Creating a habit is a recipe in three parts: Knowledge, Skill, Desire. 1) I know that I need to really listen to people. 2) I must learn how to properly listen to people. 3) I must really want to listen. That’s the framework. 

Going forward, here are the habits I’m committing to. Some are daily, some are monthly. Some are ongoing. 


  • Floss.

  • 60 push-ups.

  • 8am start.

  • Daily schedule. Bullet-journal is crutch. Additionally, set monthly/ weekly/daily goals. Take more notes and jot down thoughts and ideas.

  • Memory exercises. Still need to do some research on this one and I keep forgetting (hah!)

  • Meditation & mindfulness.


  • Gym x 3 (Gonna try this in the morning for a change)

  • Write 750 words.


  • Read 1 non-fiction book.

  • Read 1 technical book.

All The Time

  • Listen. Really listen and pay attention to the exclusion of all else. The most important conversation is the one you’re currently having. Understand what the other person is communicating and what they want. Understand their motivation, and why they’re telling you this. Remember what they say. 

  • Be Patient. Impatience comes in constant waves. Be like a rock beneath; infinitely calm, infinitely patient. 

  • Be less selfish. Consider others; consider what they’re thinking, how they’re feeling, what they’re going through or have been through. Consider what they want and how you’re helping or hurting. Realize that your actions and inactions matter, though it may not seem so at the time. 

  • Think before speaking. Do not respond automatically. Consider the implications.

  • Meta-think. Think about your thoughts. Reflect on how you’re feeling and why. 

A good question to ask yourself during any activity is: will this help me in the future in any way? Will I gain some benefit down the line? ‘Yes’ indicates a healthy habit.